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Welcome to Cynergized.com - By Ty Loomis @tyroneloomis

The Cynergized & Ty Loomis Story

My sole purpose with Cynergized is to open source my divine health experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that I have downloaded as a Professional Beach Volleyball Player and former Team USA athlete.

As one of the top body, energy, mind, spirit-driven warriors on the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour over the last 20 years, I am honored to share my information to inspire our community to optimize health, happiness, life, and sports.

Every brand and product featured has been carefully researched, qualified & approved to meet the highest levels of health and longevity standards for our tribe.

Please note that nothing is for sale on this website.

Explore, have fun learning, watch some product videos, try some products, share with me your results, and let’s take to our Body, Mind, and Spirit, and Temples to a whole new vibration.

Ty Loomis | @tyroneloomis

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Featured Health & Longevity Products

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EMF Rocks - Tesla Rocks Starter Package on www.cynergized.com

EMF Rocks

Ground & Protect Now with Tesla Rocks Grounding Bag to Repel 4G | 5G

Red Light Rising

Best Red Light Products on the Market

Cynergized.com by @TyroneLoomis - Red Light Rising Full Stack 2 (7)

Real Mushrooms

100% Organic Mushroom Extract Powders

Buy Now on Real Mushrooms

Real Mushrooms - Ty Loomis - AVP Beach Volleyball Champions Favorite Health & Longevity Products - Cynergized.com 495x495px
Mother Earth Minerals png on Cynergized.com

Mother Earth

Heal with Best Earth Minerals Sets Ever

Buy Now on Mother Earth Minerals

E3 Live’s
Blue Majik & Brain On

Natural Phycocyanin Extract

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Browse My Favorite Health & Longevity Brands Now

Imagine Hemp

CBD Handcrafted with Love for Relief


We Fix Digestion


Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Minimize EMF – Reduce Your Exposure

Bulk Supplements

Clean and Pure Bulk Supplements & Vitamins

Cali Bear CBd

Organic CBd Isolate Tinctures & Pain Creams

The Cold Plunge

The Ultimate Ice Bath Wellness Ritual


Cutting Edge Natural & Organic Supplements

David Wolfe’s Shop

The Purest Health Products & Super Foods

Dr. Cowan’s Garden

Nutritious & Delicious Vegetable Powders

Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Synergy Wellness Health Solutions

E3 Live

All Organic Superfood

EMF Rocks

Ground + Protect Against 4G | 5G

Fungi Perfecti

Paul Stamet’s Host Defense Mushrooms

Greenwave Filters

Clean Up Your Electrical Environment

Health Ranger

Super Foods & Nutritional Supplements

HealthForce SuperFoods

TruGanic Sourced Vegan SuperFoods

Human Charger

Sun In Your Pocket


Athlete Recovery Technology Revolutionized

Hypo Air

Powerful Hypoallergenic Air Purifiers

Just Thrive

All-Natural Probiotics & Vitamin K2-7

Mother Earth Minerals

The Best Earth Minerals & Supplements

Neurohacker Collective

Brain, Focus, Health & Life Optimization


Bio-Activated Nutraceuticals by Genius Dr. Bill Deagle.

Oura Ring

Accurate Activity, Readiness & Sleep Tracker.

Omica Organics

Natural, Bioavailable Health Supplements

Orgono Living Silica

Collagen Booster Supercharger

Real Mushrooms

100% Organic Mushroom Extracts

Red Light Rising

Featuring The Target & Full Stack Products

Sacred Chocolate

David Wolfe’s Best Ever Vegan Chocolate

Shen Blossom

Traditional Botanical & Herbal Extracts

Sun Potion

Transformational Foods for High Vibration


Infrared Heat Solutions

Tonic Treasures

Adaptogenic Herbs & Life Enhancing Essences

Tru Niagen

Age Better. Live Better.


The Future of Brain Photobiomodulation


Explore High-Performance Blending